Lato Sensu Specialization

About the program

The Specialization in Politics & Society aims to offer theoretical-methodological tools to critically analyze contemporary social processes and discourses, from Brazil and the world. Situated at the intersection of Sociology, Political Science and Economics, our course develops in our students innovative ways of thinking and acting so that they can propose, in their areas of expertise, alternatives that are up to the complexity of our contemporary crisis.


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The course is organized in 14 (fourteen) disciplines, distributed in the three modules below, complemented by another 3 (three) electives. In total, the specialization has a classload of 375 hours and in person meetings will take place twice a week. Click on the courses to view their respective descriptions.

Axis 1: Democracy and State

Democracia e pensamento brasileiro

Política – Política brasileira – Teoria & Pensamento

Instituições políticas brasileiras

Direito e Estado – Partidos políticos – Política brasileira

Políticas públicas: teoria e prática

Direito e Estado – Política brasileira

Política Externa Brasileira

Política brasileira – Política internacional

Partidos e estratégias políticas em crise

Direito e Estado – Partidos políticos – Política internacional

Axis 2: Public sphere & Civil society

Direito e sociedade

Direito e Estado – Política brasileira

Meios de comunicação e esfera pública

Mídia – Opinião Pública

Raça, Gênero e Classe no Debate Público

Direito e Estado – Movimentos Sociais – Raça e Gênero

Axis 3: Inequalities & Work

Axis 4: Elective courses

Tópicos especiais em Ciência Política

Política – Teoria & Pensamento

Tópicos especiais em Sociologia

Social – Teoria & Pensamento

Tópicos especiais em Relações Internacionais

Política internacional – Teoria & Pensamento


Breno Marques Bringel
PhD in Political Science (Universidad Complutense-2010)
Carlos Antonio Costa Ribeiro
PhD in Sociology (Columbia University-2002)
Carlos Roberto Sanchez Milani
PhD in Development Studies (Ecole des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales-1997)
Fabiano Guilherme Mendes Santos
PhD in Political Science (IUPERJ-1994)
José Mauricio Castro Domingues
PhD in Sociology (University of London-1993)
Leticia de Abreu Pinheiro
PhD in International Relations (London School of Economics and Political Science-1995)
Luiz Augusto Campos
PhD in Sociology (IESP-UERJ – 2013)
Luiz Fernando Rodrigues de Paula
PhD in Economics (UNICAMP-1997)
Mariana Cavalcanti Rocha dos Santos
PhD in Anthropology (University of Chicago-2007)

Class of 2021 Selection

When applying, candidates must prepare a small letter (one page only), justifying their interest in Specialization in Politics & Society. Applicants will be called for a brief interview, in which successful candidates will be selected.

The complete list of necessary documents for inscription is:

  • Double sided copy of Graduation Diploma
  • Copy of the Identity Card and CPF
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae
  • 2 (two) recent photographs
  • One-page letter with justification of interest in the lato sensu specialization
  • Proof of payment of inscription fee (generate slip in:

All documents must be sent to for the registration to be carried out. For more details, check out our Selection Notice for the class of 2021.

  • Affirmative Action Students: According to state legislation (laws 6914/2014 and 6959/2015), the course will offer quotas for students in economic need that meet certain conditions such as self-declaring black, brown or indigenous; having studied/graduated in public schools; having studied/graduated in a private university financed by FIES or PROUNI, having some disability; being the child of civil and military police officers, security inspectors and prison administrators killed or disabled as a result of their service. Affirmative action quotas will be limited and will vary according to the total number of enrollments. All of those students will be entitled to a full scholarship of the course. For more details, consult the list of Documents and forms – UERJ Specializations.

Approved Enrollments of 2021

  • Check out here the accepted registrations!

Course Realization:

August 2021 to December 2022
Schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays, from 7pm to 10 pm.
Local: Google for Education (Google Meet) Platform


  • Inscription fee: R$ 100,00
  • Course monthly tuition: 16 (sixteen) installments of R$ 980,00
  • Deductions:
    • 20% for single payment of the full value of the course
    • 15% for payment of the full value of the course in two installments