Publication of the book ” Industrialization, Development and Technology Pairing in East Asia”, by Rafael Moura


Publisher Ideia D is launching the book Industrialization, Development and Technological Pairing in East Asia: The cases of Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and China, by Rafael Moura, PhD in Political Science from IESP-UERJ and researcher at the National Institute of Science and Technology in Public Policies, Strategies and Development (INCT-PPED).

This work provides the reader with a historical analysis of the development trajectories of Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and China during their cycles of high growth and technological pairing with the great powers of the West, mapping political actors, institutional designs of productive regimes and the most relevant geopolitical factors along these processes. At the same time, it also details the similarities and differences between these four experiences from a qualitative, descriptive and comparative methodology. This study takes place through a theoretical-analytical framework composed of four main literatures: that of the mercantilists or “pre-discipline developmentalists”; that of Post-War Development Economics; ECLAC Structuralism; and that of the East Asian Developmental State (EDLA), which emerged in the 1980s. The temporal cuts of the different cases, finally, will comprehend their catching-up cycles, moving from paradigms of agrarian predominance to another, of modern industrial powers. Download the book for free, in E-Book format, by clicking here.

Rafael Moura is a Post-Doc researcher at INCT-PPED, PhD and Master by the Post-Graduate Program in Political Science at the Institute of Social and Political Studies at the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (IESP-UERJ), where he was a Faperj Scholarship holder, and is part of the administrative secretariat of the Latin American Association of Political Science (ALACIP). Together with José Szwako and Paulo D’Ávila, he organized the book State and Society in Brazil: the work of Renato Boschi and Eli Diniz (Rio de Janeiro: Ideia D, 2016). During the first semester of 2022, he acts as guest lecturer in the course Theories and Experiences of Economic Development, together with Prof. Luiz Fernando de Paula.

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