“La era post-Bolsonaro y los retos de la política exterior” – Article by Carlos Milani at Política Exterior


Prof. Carlos Milani, coordinator of the Laboratory of World Political Analysis (Labmundo) and of the Interdisciplinary Observatory on Climate Change (OIMC), has published the article La era post-Bolsonaro y los retos de la política exterior (“The post-Bolsonaro era and the challenges of foreign policy”), in the Spanish magazine Política Exterior:

Assuming that the predictions of a change of course in the federal government are plausible, that there will be no attempts on the lives of the main candidates – in a context of increasing political violence – and that the institutions of electoral democracy will guarantee a peaceful transition of power, what might be expected in terms of foreign policy from an eventual Lula government, given the rather negative record of Bolsonaro’s diplomacy?

Read the full article (in Spanish) at Política Exterior’s website.

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