Release of the official webpage of LEGAL, coordinated by Fabiano Santos


The Laboratory of Geopolitical Studies of the Legal Amazon (LEGAL) is launching its official debut website. Created in October 2021, the observatory brings together researchers from Higher Education Institutions from the states belonging to the Brazilian Legal Amazon under the general coordination of IESP-UERJ.

LEGAL’s main mission is to look into the political reality of the states of the Legal Amazon, the evolution of scenarios and tendencies, as well as to foster public debate through analysis and production of quantitative data and qualitative research. To achieve this objective, the laboratory seeks to qualify students of social sciences in the region and to promote the pedagogical instruction of local populations regarding the practice of citizenship, specifically, in what it teaches about plural coexistence, critical debate and societal tolerance.

Coordinated by the Institute’s professor, Fabiano Santos, the laboratory has the vice-coordination of Prof. Dr. Ivan Silva, from the Federal University of Amapá (UNIFAP), and a management board formed by researchers linked to universities located in the Legal Amazon: UFAC, UFAM, UFMAUNEMATUFPAUNIRUFRR and UFT. The Observatory of the Brazilian Legislature (OLB) is the only partner organization outside the states of the Legal Amazon, and is responsible for coordinating and supporting research and training activities

At the new LEGAL website, it is possible to access the production of the interinstitutional observatory in the form of research reports with focus groups, electoral monitoring reports and monitoring of state legislatures, among other contents. The laboratory has the support of the Climate and Society Institute (ICS).

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