Release of “O populismo reacionário”, by Christian Lynch and Paulo Henrique Cassimiro


Publisher Contracorrente is releasing the book O populismo reacionário: ascensão e legado do bolsonarismo (Reactionary populism: rise and legacy of Bolsonarism), written by professors Christian Lynch and Paulo Henrique Cassimiro, also coordinators of the Political Theory and Brazilian Political Thought Study and Research Group (Beemote).

In a precise analysis of the contemporary Brazilian political context – without, however, disregarding the international scenario – this work undertakes a true radiography of the radical right-wing populism of the Bolsonaro government. It can be characterized by a “reactionary idea of restoration of order” prior to the country’s re-democratization process; by the massive presence of military personnel in the administration; by the adherence to negationism and speeches based “on the language of affections or passions”; by the promotion of advantages amongst family members; by the conversion of reactionary values “in terms of public policies”; and by the identification of President Bolsonaro as an authentic representative of the cult of family and traditions of the Brazilian people.

The publication can be purchased in the publisher’s official website.

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