Interview with Carlos Milani, at Morning Consult


Prof. Carlos Milani gave an interview to the business intelligence company Morning Consult‘s website, for the article Brazil’s place in the world may be at stake in the next elections. In the content, the coordinator of the Laboratory of World Politics Analysis (LABMUNDO) and the Insterdisciplinary Observatory of Climate Change (OIMC) comments on the environmental and foreigh policy of the federal government of Brazil in recent years, and points out the main challenges for a new president to reform the country’s development model

“Bolsonaro’s plans for his foreign policy next term are nonexistent, in the sense that he may take actions in response to lobbying from certain interest groups, but they do not amount to a cohesive policy narrative,” Milani said. “He has rooted many of his public policies, including foreign policy, in an idea of deconstruction, of destruction of the past for the sake of rebuilding an ideal Brazilian society; it’s not rooted in reality or history. That’s why some days Bolsonaro may be a friend of Washington and some days a friend of Moscow.”

Read the full article at Morning Consult.

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