Online Seminar – Labour in Trance: the metamorphoses of work in digital capitalism


The Institute for Social and Political Studies, along with Crivelli Advogados, promotes, on Monday, June 20, the online seminar Labour in Trance: Metamorphoses of work in digital capitalism.

Organized by proffessors of the Institute Adalberto Cardoso and Fabiano Santos, the event will be composed of three pannels with guest speakers invited to debate the profound changes happening in the area of work, highlighting the difference between the previous technological revolutions and the current one. Betweeen 9AM and 6:45PM, the disscussion tables will be broadcast live trought our YouTube channel and TV Fórum.

The initial perception is that, in previous technological changes, the introduction of innovations in the ways of producing, distributing and commercializing products and services took place in a way that allowed workers who lost their jobs to find others in emerging sectors. But in the current stage, named the 4th industrial revolution, jobs are being destroyed in numerous segments, without workers finding placement in the market to ensure living standards and socioeconomic security


9h – Opening and discussion pannel “The relation between labour unions, parties and politics”

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Presentation of the seminar by Fernando Fontainha (Director of IESP-UERJ), Ericson Crivelli (event promotes), Adalberto Cardoso e Fabiano Santos (organizers).
Opening conference by Rodrigo Carelli (UFRJ): Work rights and the labour reform: current and future design.

1st Pannel – The relation between labour unios, parties and politics:
  • Ericson Crivelli (Crivelli Advogados Associados) – A panorama of the recent transformations in relations betweeen the State and its institutions and the social classes in Brasil
  • Andréia Galvão (UNICAMP) – Unionism and colective action at the new world of work
  • Pedro Floriano Ribeiro (UFSCAR) – Unions, parties and politics in times of work plattforming
  • Debater: Adalberto Cardoso (IESP-UERJ)

14h – 2nd Pannel: The 2017 labour revorm and its ramifications

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  • José Dari Krein (UNICAMP) – The permanent labour reform
  • Renata Queiroz Dutra (UnB) – The jurisprudential construction of Labou Reform: The role of the Federal Supreme Court
  • Fernando Fontainha (IESP-UERJ) – Impacts of the labour reform in Work Justice
  • Debater: Sayonara Grillo (UFRJ)

16h15 – 3rd Pannel: New technologies and the world of work

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  • Savio Cavalcante (UNICAMP) – The 4.0 revolution and its subjectivations: the reconfiguration of subjectivity of workers in contemporaneous Capitalism
  • Ludmila Costek Abílio (UNICAMP) – Plattform Capitalism: new and old problems of the subordinations of work
  • Roberto Véras de Oliveira (UFPb) – Permanent informality and informalization
  • Debater: Alvaro Comin (USP e Cebrap)

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