Political Theory Workshop with Felipe Freller


Continuing with the reflections of the debate surrounding the launch of the book When it is necessary to decide: Benjamin Constant and the problem of arbitrariness, Prof. San Romanelli Assumpção, coordinator of PPGCP, and Prof. Paulo Henrique Cassimiro invite researcher Felipe Freller (PPGFil-UFSCar and CESPRA-EHESS) to, on Tuesday, May 24, conduct together a Political Theory Workshop for interested students.

Held from 9 am to 12 pm, in the Carlos Hasenbalg room, this meeting aims to promote a reflective conversation between the author and the IESP-UERJ academic community, regarding the meta-theoretical and methodological conceptions studied, chosen and constructed during the research and writing of his doctoral thesis.

Published based on the winning thesis of the Capes Grand Award for Thesis 2021, When it is necessary to decide: Benjamin Constant and the Problem of Arbitration  addresses the work of Benjamin Constant (1767-1830), one of the “founding fathers” of political liberalism, from an unusual angle: the problem of will and decision. This work can be purchased on the official page of Editora Appris.

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