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Book Launch: “The Language of the Becoming City”, with Prof. Mariana Cavalcanti

16/02/2022 — 09:00 - 10:30

IESP-UERJ’s YouTube channel broadcasts the launch of the book The Language of the Becoming City: Making Spacial Justice from Conflicts, Commons, Networks and Hybridity (JOVIS Verlag Publisher). This work is the result of a collaboration between scholars Solano da Silva, Evelyn Fernandes, Yvan Ikhlef, Iain Low, Ulrika Lundgren, Katarina Nitsch, Henrietta Palmer and Prof. Mariana Cavalcanti, coordinator of Grupo Casa.


Starting at 9 am, watch it live on our channel!

To download the full programme of the event, click here.


The Language of the Becoming City is about the urban environment, and how it is transformed by people interacting with the world that surrounds them by evoking more just living conditions. It is also an effort to demonstrate how the urban environment could be imagined in ways that differ from the neoliberalist view. Other imaginations, arising from different perspectives on and incentives for development, such as equity and inclusiveness, might produce another city entirely. From urban practices in four different contexts in Sweden, South Africa, India and Brazil, this book investigates four dynamics of change: conflicts, commons, networks and hybridity.


The book can be purchased at the publisher’s oficial website.


09:00 - 10:30
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