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Palestra: Christopher Thornhill

26/08/2019 — 10:00 - 12:00


O Ciclo de Palestras IESP-UERJ 2019.2 apresenta Christopher Thornhill (University of Manchester) com a palestra “Slavery and the military in democratizing societies”.


Christopher Thornhill é Professor titular e Diretor da Faculdade de Direito, University of Manchester.

This lecture explains that, in many societies, the rise of citizenship norms required for the consolidation of democracy was linked simultaneously to the abolition of slavery and the growth of military conscription. At the core of modern citizenship, in many societies, is a process of integration, in which societal actors were integrated into citizenship roles at the same time as they were integrated in the army, such that military and political socialization often occurred as two parts of the same process. In many settings, this process was driven by pressures resulting from the end of slavery, and modern military and modern democratic institutions developed together as mechanisms for the organization of populations released from systems of involuntary labour. Owing to the military origins of democracy, democratic citizenship was historically very sensitive to inter-state rivalries; democratic integration long retained a military aspect; democratic mobilization often had highly conflictual outcomes and unsettling consequences for democratic institutions. Only in the later twentieth was the connection between democratization and mobilization broken, largely because of the domestic effects of international human rights law. There are now strong signs, in many polities, that the connection between democracy and militarism is now resuming force.


10:00 - 12:00
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